Violent stabbing in Rotterdam; witness calls it ‘a bloodbath’


A man was seriously injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a bizarre stabbing on the Middellandstraat in Rotterdam, national newspaper AD reports. According to witness Jeroen (53), a man with a large knife stabbed the victim like a madman. The witness managed to save the victim by beating the suspect with a club, he says. “It was a bloodbath.”

The stabbing took place on the street in Rotterdam-West. For the time being, the police only know that a quarrel between the two men preceded the incident. Witness Jeroen reports that he saw from his van that a man was lying on the street and someone was sitting on him. “I saw that they were small men and thought: I have to do something and wanted to tear them apart. But when I got closer, I saw that one man with a knife of I think 30 centimeters stabbed the other. On his face, neck, arms, legs, and stomach. It was a bloodbath, “Jeroen describes.

Loud screams
As fast as he could, he took a steel brush from his car and hit the perpetrator hard on the back of his head. “He looked around for a moment and then continued stabbing the victim. I only heard them screaming and shouting in Tigrinya (Eritrean). Then I took a bat from my car and gave that man an incredible blow to the back of the head.”

But then the perpetrator went after Jeroen and jumped into his bus. “I then opened the door on the other side and gave him another hard blow with the bat.” “Then the suspect fell to the ground, and the police were on the scene. The ambulance service arranged for the victim to be taken by emergency transport to the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. The suspect also had to go there because he was also injured.”

Both men will be arrested, a police spokeswoman said. She confirms that the witness assisted the victim and that the suspect was injured in the process.